Equipment and systems

The company covers an area of ​​2000 squared meters of his property.

The company's production departments are organized for efficient workflow and equipped with modern machineries and equipments.

Deflashing plant:
-3 Nitrogen deflashing machines litr 1000
-1 Nitrogen deflashing machine 600 liters
-1 Sirsi Metallisator
-1 ORM Deflashing (with polyurethane)
-1 Spartacus Deflashing (with polyurethane)
-3 Cleaning vibrosieves

Exhausting dust deburring

Rectification plant:
n° 20 Tumblers
n° 1 Grinding Turbo Rosler
n° 7 Dryers
n° 4 Cleaning vibrosieves
n° 3 Canvas grinding

System molybdenum disulfide and graphite

Plant fresh and modern water treatment

Exhausting grinding dust painting