Grinding Tumble / Tumbling

Tumbling is performed with special octagonal metal containers (called "tumblers"), water and stones (with various sizes); during the rotation, flashes are removed and the residues of molding from the pieces. The duration of the process changes according to the magnitude of the imperfections and type of material.

All of the processed product coming from the steps set out above, is subsequently discharged from the machine and subjected to the phase of sifting through the use of special vibrating tables (vibrating screens), which allows to eliminate the aggregates remained (in addition to impurities), and obtains, then, a product already sufficiently cleaned; completed this processing, all the articles are subjected to the phase of washing and drying. In the face of any residues left inside the gaskets, we proceed to a further sorting phase during which the o-rings or the technical details are inserted inside a special vibrating screen which allows, in fact, the elimination of all that is not identifiable as a finished product.